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Earth Espresso Cups - Set of 2

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The focus of ESA’s exploration of the Solar System is to understand more about Earth’s relationship with the other planets and to try to place Earth in context. ESA has already sent spacecraft to Earth’s nearest planetary neighbours, Mars and Venus. In the next decade our BepiColombo spacecraft will reach Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun and one of the least explored in the Solar System. The gas giants Saturn and Jupiter are also a key piece of the Solar System’s evolution. The Cassini-Huygens mission visited Saturn’s moon in 2005, while the Juice mission is scheduled to visit Jupiter and its moons in the next decade. From 2020, the ESA-led Solar Orbiter mission is also set to study our parent star’s behaviour. As more is known about the exoplanets orbiting other stars, understanding our own cosmic neighbourhood has never been so important, also for future generations.


sublimation printing of two Earth designs alongside ESA logo.

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Colour White
Available sizes 2 Cups
Collection Solar system
Material ceramic cup with saucer. Capacity: 90 ml.
Dimensions and weight Height: 6 mm, diameter: 55 mm.