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Next Phase Mug

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About the design: 

This shows our readiness for the next phase of both the Moon and ESA Moon exploration.

ESA will play a crucial role in future Moon exploration. Technical proficiency based on decades of building spacecraft and components in Europe has resulted in the structures and technology that will ferry the next generation of astronauts to the Moon with three service modules for NASA’s Artemis missions. The Orion spacecraft will first fly an uncrewed mission beyond the Moon during the Artemis 1 mission. The Artemis 2 and Artemis 3 missions will see astronauts travel into lunar orbit on board the Orion spacecraft, powered by European service modules Planned missions for future lunar exploration include the next orbital station built through international collaboration. The Gateway will orbit around the Moon, providing a station from which humans and robots can explore the Moon's environment ESA will provide essential modules for Gateway Meanwhile here on Earth, the Luna facility at ESA’s astronaut centre will offer world class facilities for lunar related research and training. 


Sublimation printing.

All apparel items are made-to-order and printed/embroidered by hand in Italy, with thorough quality control checks.

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Colour Black
Collection Forward to the Moon
Material Ceramic
Dimensions and weight Capacity: 330 ml. Height: 95 mm. Diameter: 82mm